Michael’s Wings By Tiffany Reisz


**Received for honest Review**

**Reviewed by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

As always, we are never disappointed by Tiffany Reisz or the Sinners series and this one is no different!!

Who doesn’t love Michael and Griffin their relationship is a beautiful story that has been an absolute pleasure to watch grow over the series and these ones just put the cherry on the top! Not only is it insanely beautiful to watch it’s also hot as F^%$ to read. The love that these to have for each other is simply out of this world the way they nurture each other and care for one another is truly one of those one of a kind soul bursting loves that you don’t very rarely feel or get to see.

Its tender.

It’s hard.

It’s rough.

It’s romantic

It’s funny.

It’s erotic.

Tiffany Reisz knows how to write she knows how to drag that emotion from you and take you on the magical journey no matter which character your reading about, we love her style and we love every single one of her books!!

5 massive stars



Book Review – Locked & Loaded By Heather Leigh

**arc received for honest review**

We received this book via the author for an honest review, not knowing the author or the book we picked it up and gave it a shot.

How do you overcome physical and mental abuse?

How do you escape someone that owns you and beats you down daily?

How do you get passed the thought of thinking that’s how you’re going to die?

Meet Quinn aka Annie living in a psychical and mentally disturbing marriage with her husband Travis, well she’s not living she’s existing and trying to stay alive.

Rick, in the military and hot but gets discharged due to an injury and now works for Mack.

He falls hard for Quinn but can’t get near her, she is too scared.

Quinn knows Rick won’t hurt her but can she let her guard down enough to see what life is really about?

A good quick read can’t wait to read the next I do think this would have made a great full length novel it had great story line. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Well done Heather Leigh

Key to My Cuffs By Lani Lynn Vale



***Received For Honest Review***

Key to My Cuffs

Lani Lynn Vale

How does someone you fall for hate you?

How do you get them past the fear of you?

How do you make them see you are a good person?

How can you keep them safe when the people who can they fear?

Channing is young, funny, smart mouth curvy chick.

She works in a funeral parlor but when she was at the tender young age of 16 she was fooled by a predator by someone pretending to be the police officer.

She fears them she doesn’t trust them, so how does she than fall in love with one.

Loki, detective/undercover cop, member of the Dixie Warden MC and sexy as sin.

Loki is under cover when he falls for her, but she fears him, but he wants her but He can’t have her yet.

Loki tries to stay away from her but he can’t his fallen for her hard, he tries to break away for their own safety he doesn’t want her in danger.

Is it too late are both the lives at risk?

We loved Channing and Loki’s story it took you to the moment it made you feel, you know the moment when you’re so into a book and you can feel your heart rate go up and you have to put it down cause your scared at what might happen next? Well you get that feeling with this book, so many ups and downs twists and turns!!

Thank you Lani for a good book!!

Quotes from the book we loved

I’d found a home with Channing. We shared an unbreakable bond, now. One that’d withstood time, distance, heartache, heartbreak, and death. We were each other’s lifeline.

The keys to my cuffs.  The balm for my tortured soul.

Sometimes love wasn’t about intimacy. Sometimes it was about just being with the person you loved. Knowing they were close. Feeling their skin on yours. Smelling their scent. Laughing with you.

Reparation By Stylo Fantome


Once again another amazing book in this series….

Follow on from book 2

Tate decides to go back with Jameson after she finds her best friend Ang in bed with her pregnant sister, Tat is heartbroken that Ang would do that to her knowing that she can’t stand her sister and to be doing it behind her back and keeping it a secret from her…. she wanted to go home, but where was home???

She was living with Nick before she left and she doesn’t want to go back to that house with Jameson…..

They settle in Boston at Jameson’s condo while she was planning her revenge on how to shatter everyone’s hearts……

Again things never run smoothly with Tat and Jameson there “thing” has so many ups and downs, twists and turns and when tat thinks that everything is finally settled Pet comes back into cause another sh*& storm…. that’s the final straw for Tat!!!

Can Jameson get her back?? Can she overcome another heart break?

Or is Nick the man she needs to be with??

This books takes you back to the turmoil and Un conventional love story of Tat and Jameson their journey is never easy and we love that it’s not your everyday romance it’s kinky, sometimes degrading (that Tat loves) but it works, it all works for them and it’s their story and Stylo is such an amazing writter we love her series and can’t wait for the next…  Somehow we don’t think we have heard the last of Jameson and Tat!!!

You fulfill her emotionally and I fulfill her sexually. Maybe this is just how it works for us. Maybe we’ve been in a threesome this whole time,”

She would never be rid of him. He had branded himself onto her soul. Like it or not, he was a part of her, and she was a part of him.

He’s so much smarter than you. Classier than you. Worldlier than you. He would never love someone like you, trash like you. You’re just a waste of time. He’ll leave you.

Not Satan. Not Lillith. Eve was created from Adam’s rib. We’re part of each other. That’s why I can’t get away. That’s why he can’t get away. I’m not his subject, he’s not my lord and master. We’re the same.

“You wanted that relationship as well, in the beginning. You changed it, and he went along with it. It was never entirely about something as ridiculous as sex,”

I want Prince Charming to ride up on a white horse, and carry me off to his castle. The only difference between me and other girls is once I get there, I want him to bend me over the throne and pull my hair while he fucks me hard and calls me names. But I know that’ll never happen with you …”

You’re part of me, you belong with me … I want to be with you. I want you to be with me … I can bear the thought of you being out there alone, without me. What I can’t bear is the thought of you being out there with the wrong man …”

“I want to be with you.” “You’re with me.” “Only me.” “Only you.”

Book Review – “Vipers Den Part 2 Pixie & Jake” By JB Heller

Vipers Den Part 2 Pixie and Jakes story

We love vipers den series this one tells the story of Pixie and Jake.

Pixie works at the Den with Pipa and has for the past 4 years when she come across Pipa at Rhett’s workshop when she come into town and has never looked back.

Pixie has a terrible past and lots of demons that no one knows about and that she wouldn’t want anyone to know about until the day Jake walked into the Den…

Pixie freaked out and ran and hid to get away from Jake, she wasn’t sure if they had come looking for her after 12 years she thought she was safe….

Jake has really rattled Pixie and he wants to see her, he has so many questions her he loves her she was his 1st love and his soul mate. He wants her and will do what it takes to get to her……

Can Jake get his Pixie back?

Will he get a happy ever after?

Quotes from the book

“I’m going to my room so I don’t fuck you senseless right here right now in the hall way, is that ok with you?”

“Trust me when I say I would rather have you pinned against that wall, sinking my length deep inside you than be having this conversation, buy I need to know why you want this first”

We love JB Hellers writing and we love her books there a great quick read and this one is no different

“Tatted Cowboy” By Kasey Millstead

Tatted cowboy

*** ARC received on behalf of the author for an honest review ***

When we read the authors notes our hearts broke and we thought holly shit I’m not sure if we can read this being mum’s ourselves we thought this was going to be a hard read….. and yes it was is some parts but it was great in others…

In the 1st couple of pages we could already feel the tears and we nearly closed the book but after meeting Laura we had to read her story and so we did…
Laura lived in Mount Isa she had a 2 year old son that drowned while in her care (really hard to read that part) as you would expect Laura was beside herself and blamed herself and her husband blamed her to. A year after her son had passed her marriage dissolved she moved in with her parents but then decided to move to pine Creek where she lived as a child, she moved in with her grandmother Marj……
Now we meet Luke, the tatted up cowboy sexy as sin who owns his own tattoo shop and runs it alone…..

Laura and Luke meet and slowly begin to fall.in love but is Laura. To broken to have that happy ever after or does her guilt and blame for losing her son out weigh her broken soul? Can Luke help her get to that happy place??

Quotes we loved from the book

“Because I don’t like the idea of another man’s hands feeling your body.  And, I want to be the one to pop your cherry.”

“I’m gonna make you forget how to breathe, how to think, how to function.  Your whole world is gonna disappear until the only thing you’re feeling is me.  I’m going to consume you.  I’m gonna do all that with my tongue and fingers.” 

Great short book makes you want to grab your kids and squeeze them and makes u want to live your life to the fullest…..
We would recommend you read this book it is a good read!!!